Mr Koks Fluo

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Slim fit, round neckline, short sleeves. 100% cotton, brushed inner side for extra comfort.

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Behind seven mountains ... behind seven forests ... behind seven books ... there was a KOKS company, this company was becoming more and more famous not only in the KOKS'S Kingdom, but also in neighboring kingdoms. Musicians from all over the world came to the balls exhibited by the KOKS princes. The balls were getting bigger and bigger. The spirit of fun, kindness and elegance has always been first in the land of KOKS. The Legend says that once strange guests from across the Great Ocean nailed with strange herbs and liquors. The guests were outraged as were Koks! So, in the kingdom, it was forbidden to play with strange drugs, and from here my children arose firmly determined DON'T.

The "KOKS" man is a reflection of those Dantean's scenes to which we try to sensitize young princes and princesses. Let this man "Koks" forever become an icon of the fight against drugs. Because, dear children, you can also have fun without drugs, all you need is a good company of not a dozen people.

Fluo version, as usual embroidered fluorescent thread, with the inscription "Don't koks". Stand out in a club or a concert..

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Short sleeves

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